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EU Projekt

Funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union
The website of the EU project: http://erasmusproject.refugees-integration.prorefugiu.org

Enhance Professionals’ Knowledge for a Sustainable Refugees’ Integration
Erasmus Program Strategic Partnerships


Increase the number of health/legal/social professionals able to provide specialized assistance in a cultural sensitive manner to the refugees, strengthening multi-disciplinary cooperation among health/legal/ social professionals on the EU territory, ensure transfer of know-how, best practices on inclusive integration programs among several EU countries, improve the integration process of the refugees in the EU host society.


Research and studies, interviews with stakeholders and refugees, developing a study guide and a handbook, collection of a data base on a set of questions, inserting a questionnaire developed by all researchers.


Association Pro Refugiu, Romania
Caritas International, Belgium
Passage, Hamburg, Germany
Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, Sweden
Association Trabe Iniciativas para la Economia Social y Solidaria, Spain